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MDF® Latex-Free Replacement Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult D-Ring - Double Tube

Item Code: MDF_2100-450D

Starts At: $20.57

Handcrafted Since 1971 | Three-Year Warranty | Latex Free

The MDF® Latex-Free Blood Pressure Cuff >Adult D-Ring >Double Tube delivers superior patient comfort and performance. The D-ring feature is specifically designed to enable self-administering users to easily attain correct cuffing and arterial compression. The MDF® Blood Pressure Cuff >Adult D-Ring >Double Tube is handcrafted for use with all MDF® sphygmomanometers and other major brands of manual and electronic blood pressure monitors with double tube configuration.

Cuff and Inflation Bag:
Abrasion, chemical (chlorine and peroxide), and moisture resistant, the Velcro™ cuff is constructed of high-molecular polymer 210 denier nylon. Sized to meet American Heart Association recommendations, the artery indicator label and index range further ensure proper cuffing for correct arterial compression. The double tube seamless inflation bag is constructed of crack-resistant, non-sticking, high-density hypoallergenic latex-free PVC. The universal double tubes enable compatible cuff exchange with all MDF® and other major brands of blood pressure systems with double tube configuration. Swedish SPRI sizes are also available.

Latex Free:
All MDF® blood pressure cuffs are 100% latex free (within US & EU) to prevent any latex allergic reactions in professionals and those in their care.

MDF® 800, MDF® 808, MDF® 808B, MDF® 830 & MDF® 840 and all other major brands of blood pressure systems with double tube configuration (Luer lock connector not included).

Standards and Requirements:
American Heart Association, European Standard 1060-1:1995, European Standard 1060-2:1995, ANSI/AAMI SP10: 2002.

This product is available with the following options:

Abyss Navy Blue (MDF4 ) NoirNoir Black (MDF11) Purple Rain Purple (MDF8 ) Real Teal Teal (MDF16) S.Swell Bright Blue (MDF14 )
Sleek Grey (MDF12)